A web application generator based on Meteor.
Create your own apps without coding.

About PlanisphereJS

PlanisphereJS is a web application generator. It is based on Meteor, a JavaScript platform that enables to create a web application very easily.

PlanisphereJS consists of a core library and various plugins. A user can combine some of components provided by those plugins, and configure them by JSON docs. The JSON docs can be edited by the GUI tool provided by the core library. Technically, a user can create an app only using GUI.

Typical steps are the followings: First, install PlanisphereJS plugins as well as accounts packages which is often necessary. Second, configure components by filling forms, and finnaly submit the changes to update the app.

Developers can code components alongside with those plugins, or create a new plugin for any needs.


You can try a demo application generated by PlanisphereJS.

git clone
cd planisphere-demo
meteor run

After opening http://localhost:3000/, you will see a button at the top right corner, which is to open an editor.

You can also directly visit the demo application on the Meteor server. Please note that there is no button to open an editor because it runs in the production mode.

Visit Demo App


Please visit the GitHub project page to learn more. If you are a developer and interested in the project, you are encouraged to try writing a plugin or two. You are very welcome to submit issues you find.

Feel free to drop me your comments about what you think about the project by Twitter.